Free Brazil Map for WordPress websites

Try a free map of Brazil for your WordPress-based website.

Free download

List of regions

The free map contains the following regions:

  1. Acre
  2. Alagoas
  3. Amapá
  4. Amazonas
  5. Bahia
  6. Ceará
  7. Distrito Federal
  8. Espírito Santo
  9. Goiás
  10. Maranhão
  11. Mato Grosso
  12. Mato Grosso do Sul
  13. Minas Gerais
  14. Pará
  15. Paraíba
  16. Paraná
  17. Pernambuco
  18. Piauí
  19. Rio de Janeiro
  20. Rio Grande do Norte
  21. Rio Grande do Sul
  22. Rondônia
  23. Roraima
  24. Santa Catarina
  25. São Paulo
  26. Sergipe
  27. Tocantins

The map is pure HTML5 and is easily configured to fit your WordPress theme. And if you want all premium features you can purchase the premium plugin map of Brazil.

Premium Interactive Brazil Map Plugin

The premium map shares all the features of the free HTML5 plugin, but also provides additional map settings, importing and exporting of map settings, map backup and priority support.

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  1. If my client buy premium, the no credits benefit is that the message / link HTML5 Maps for WordPress will not be shown anymore below the map?

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