HTML5 Maps WordPress Plugin Review

WordPress is a great platform and one of the main reason it is able to impact on the world is because of its ecosystem. The plugins and themes enhance the way we look and work.

HTML5 Maps is one of those must-have plugins for business websites. The plugin enables the webmasters to create appealing and functional maps for showcasing vital information for the users. It can be geographical information or any other information that the business wants to share it with the visitors.

The HTML5 Maps is free to download and is continuously adding new maps to make it a one-stop solution for any business across the word.
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interactive louisiana map

Free Interactive Louisiana Map for WordPress

Bring the information about your company in Louisiana to the whole world with new FREE interactive map plugin for WordPress! This map plugin can be installed in a few minutes and can really adorn your website with a high-quality responsive map. Customize it for your own needs and be sure for usability with mobile visitors – HTML5 technologies allows this map to work great on modern mobile devices. Interactive map is one of the most powerful tools for improving the sales rate through Internet in 21 century.
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interactive connecticut map

Free Interactive Connecticut Map for WordPress

Interactive map of Connecticut for WordPress powered websites is now released! Display any information you want in a high-quality detailed responsive map with special interactive tools: points of interest, pop-up tooltips and color customization. Enjoy smooth control and detailed map of the state provinces where customers can find your shops, dealers or any other related information. The power of HTML5 technologies allows to correctly view this map in all modern mobile and desktop browsers.
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interactive colorado map

Free Interactive Colorado Map for WordPress

Display the interactive map of Colorado in your WordPress powered website for FREE! This map installs as a separate plugin without any efforts for 2 minutes. It allows to adorn your website with a high-quality responsive map powered by HTML5 technologies. You can customize a map with just a few clicks and use interactive features such as areas of interest and pop-up tooltips without any problems. Like any our WordPress plugins, this map works great in iPhone/iPad and Android mobile devices that can improve usability for your mobile visitors.
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interactive kentucky map

Free Interactive Kentucky Map for WordPress

Dear customers from Kentucky! We are glad to inform you that FREE high-quality interactive map of Bluegrass State is now released! Besides the high-quality rendered regions of the state, this map includes many interactive tools for your WordPress powered website. Use the areas of interest and pop-up tooltips to display all necessary information about your business. Show your shops, dealer offices or department structure to the whole world without any interruptions.
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interactive kansas map

Free Interactive Kansas Map for WordPress

Put a responsive interactive map of Kansas into your WordPress website for absolutely FREE! The plugin installs quickly and allows you to use several special instruments to improve your website interactivity and attendance level. These instruments include: detailed regions of the state, areas of interest, pop-up tooltips, and color customization. Our maps have responsive design and work great in all modern desktop and Android/iOS mobile devices.
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interactive indiana map

Free Interactive Indiana Map for WordPress

Interactive map of Indiana for WordPress powered websites is now available! High-quality rendered regions of the state in combination with the power of HTML5 technologies! Our WordPress interactive maps can be installed for 2 minutes without the necessity of any special knowledge. Customization can be made with a few clicks. It includes: color customization, pop-up tooltips and areas of interest – all necessary tools for improving your website usability.
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interactive illinois map

Free Interactive Illinois Map for WordPress

We are glad to present you an interactive map of Illinois for WordPress. This map can be installed as a separate WordPress plugin and can work with all modern web browsers. Also, the power of HTML5 technologies guarantees that our map is compatible with modern mobile devices on iOS/Android. FREE version of Illinois interactive map includes rich customization capabilities and interactive features such as pop-up tooltips, areas of interest, etc.
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interactive west virginia map

Free Interactive West Virginia Map for WordPress

Put the high-quality West Virginia interactive map plugin for WordPress into your website for absolutely FREE! This map has a responsive design, easy customization and interactive features like popup tooltips and areas of interest. It makes this plugin a powerful tool for improvement of your website attendance level. Tell the world about your business with this FREE interactive map! It works great in all modern browsers and Android/iOS mobile devices.
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