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Running an online website is not an easy task. Creating a brand online and offline can be a tough task. One of the most basic requirements of businesses is the maps and its integration with their websites. The reason is visitors and their needs.

The visitors on the website want quick access to all the information regarding the business page they are visiting. Different kind of information such as office route, representative name or office location are an integral part of any business page or website. This is also true, in case of running multiple offices spanning over a zone. And, all these scenario can be a tough for a business, especially when they want to quickly make their presence felt online.

Understanding Business And Their Requirements

Current business are becoming complex and resource hungry. Without right tools, the business could find it hard to fly off the ground. To help business, offers interactive and mobile-friendly maps. These maps are built using latest web technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript.

In the past, was a leader in the creation of flash-based maps. The experience has enabled to tackle new technology effectively and come up with HTML5 based maps which are responsive and ready for the next web.

Reaching People With Solutions That Matter

On the other hand, is our next step in reaching people who are interested in maps and map plugins. Through this blog, we will communicate with all our beloved customers about our products, news, opinions and anything that relates to map plugin, directly or indirectly.

Experience Counts has served many products related to maps in the past few years. To make sure that we reach a wider target audience, our plugins also supports major CMS (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla) and also other frameworks.

Completely Documented

We care about business as much as we care about our product. The documentation helps both our customers and also the developers who are interested in working with the API. You can check the documentation here.

Custom Maps for Complicated Projects

Not everyone is looking for what we offer and that’s why have a dedicated team looking to turn the custom requirements into reality with the power of latest technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript.

Covering Most of the Landscapes

Have offices in United States, France, Canada, Ireland, Italy? Don’t worry. We go all of them covered. The upcoming days will see more countries being put on maps for our customers. The final goal is to have maps for all the nations in the world.

We Care About Responsive Web

Google’s latest algorithmic changes made it super clear that responsive website will gain weight-age over the non-responsive website, and to make sure that none of the website running maps goes through this problem, we made all the maps responsive.

Some websites/business do not have much mobile traffic and that’s why responsive maps are just an option for now.

Why MapPlugins.Com?

Our main goal is to reach the worldwide audience and fill the gap in the maps plugins market. With over 9 years of map development experience, we are now moving towards the global market and is one of our baby step towards the big goal.

With time and support from our customer base, we are sure to serve more users in the future.

If you are interested in maps for website or WordPress maps plugins, do subscribe to the blog and stay updated to any changes happening in the

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